Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sugar and spice make everything nice

It is thoroughly fall these days. The temperature is dropping, and staying down, thank goodness. I'm giddy about the cold this year. I'm sure I'll be complaining in January, but I'm practically reveling in it right now. I've strewn vests around the living room, pulled hefty coats out of rubbermaid bins, and I wore - wait for it - a thermal shirt AND a sweater AND boots today. Bam! If that doesn't scream "fall," I don't know what does. I'm throwing scarves around my neck like it ain't nuthin. I'm keeping my hands in my pockets and using lotion like a fiend because sheesh it's dry and windy out there. We even closed our perpetually-open living room window because it was a gettin' a little too chilly in the apartment. It's serious, I'm tellin ya.

I can practically smell the smells of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I smile when I wander through Whole Foods, imagining and eagerly anticipating the wreaths and scented pine cones that will overtake the space and senses of the thousands of shoppers who will materialize during the holidays. I'm just waiting for the days to get darker so that lights will start popping up on trees. I'm happily downing pumpkin ale and am utterly excited by the prospect of drinking mulled wine on a regular basis.

Really, it's like I'm basking in brown.

(and winter is coming!)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Labor Day

It's nice when we can remember that life is full of friends, family, love, and life. It's especially nice when you can slip into an old friendship like nuthin. Those are the best kind of friendships, and I like them.

We'll be slipping away this weekend into the sights and sounds of the Finger Lakes. I'm beyond stoked to get out of the city for a few days and enjoy some lounging, fantastic company, tasty food, and country scenes. I'm ready to greet that old, tiny little town as a friend. It sheltered us last year at the end of the summer, and held a lot of my rantings and ravings and runnings in its air as it cooled and condensed into fall. I was lost in that sweet little place. And it kept me, patiently, until we climbed up out of its arms to head to the Big City. I'm excited to return with a stronger sense of self, a contentedness with the place I've established myself in, and a thankfulness for my situation and experiences.

Friday, August 16, 2013


It feels yellow in this room
A strong but sickly glow
That almost gives off the perfume
Of the gray of coming days
With shrunken sunlight's feeble rays
Casting a bluer shadow.
An old man, struggling along
With cane in hand
Whose mission was to run along
The broken land
With light and love and health;
So much for summer's wealth.
We're falling apart too soon
With breaking hips, and lips, and hearts.
It feels yellow in this room.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Falling, falling

Well, it's about that time of year, I guess. The wind blowing through Manhattan's man-made canyons has had a slightly cooler bent the last few days - a reminder that although fall isn't quite in the air yet, it will still come along soon enough. That leggings and cardigans and scarves will start adorning the still-sunglasses-clad throngs. That leaves will turn, and fall, and crush to bits under our millions of feet. I know there's still a month of true summer before us, but there was a little something, a switch of a sort, that flipped in my head: where suddenly I realized how liking and enjoying seasons works. Winter is long and cold, and pushes you towards spring. Spring is flirty with warmth and flowers, promising at the beauty of summer. Summer is full and hot and humid, urging you to long for cooler days. And fall is cool and crisp, prepping you for the excitement of snow and winter. I'll be ready for fall, once it gets here. I won't miss summer too horribly, even though it's my favorite season (New York might actually change my mind on that one, though).

Despite the reminder/promise of fall, this summer morning was pretty darn near perfect. It felt breezy and warm and rife with relaxation. It said, "Come spend time with me. Can't you feel the ocean in my breath? Don't you want views of the water and the feeling of sand and surf beneath your feet?" Sadly, work called to me as well, and I decided that someone else would have to enjoy this summer day in my stead.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The foreseeable future

This is something I wrote early last April - I remember it clearly, humming this sunny sort of thing while sitting outside the UM Music Building on a Saturday morning, waiting to meet a friend while noshing on a croissant and coffee from Le Petit. I was thinking about moving, and change, and kind of appreciating life in general.

It's a silly thing (I titled this post "it's only cutesy" when I first wrote it), but I haven't been able to stop humming it since we moved into our new studio apartment. It was a pretty accurate estimate of what we ended up with in New York, and it's dug out a special little place in my heart.

Someday we'll have a patio that all those foreign villas will be jealous of

Lighthearted brunches and romantic dinners will grace its lovely deck
The furniture will reminisce of times long gone which we still hold a fragment of
And nothing will compare with all the ambience it has when table's set

But for now, we're in a itsy bitsy place
With a stove that almost works
And a sink that has its quirks
But for now, we'll be content with lack of space
'Cause we know that we're together
And when someday comes we'll both still have each other

Someday our living room will have a view that no one could've ever dreamed up
The windows, bay, of course, will frame the picture-perfect scene with grace and style
The mountains and the streams that we will see most every day will keep our spirits up
And I believe that we will be contented with it for a little while

But for now, we'll have to do with alley views
And the neighbors' ugly cars
And the lack of nighttime stars
But for now, we're quite content with what we do
'Cause we know that we're together
And when someday comes we'll both still have each other

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

play that piano

It's all just notes
All little noises
Like little letters
That make up words
Just words
But you can be so articulate. 
Alive, these words
These letters
These sounds, these notes
That make phrases
Describing the way emotions exist
With just words. 
You can be so articulate. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013


now I'm just waiting
to fly quickly out of here
for a brief escape,
a breath of fresh experience

now I'm just waiting
on the tips of my toes;
my ear is bent
towards the sound of the sirens
singing me to my freedom
in the deep blue sea

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Let's all run away to Montana
There are plenty of places to hide
In the valleys and mountains
And geysers, their fountains
Of steam

Let's all run away to Montana
I know that there's plenty of space
A quick relocation
To apply isolation
To one's self, one's thoughts, one's dreams

They call this a jungle
Of concrete and brick
The reasons are many
That some just don't stick
To the cement that it's made of
Like so many pieces of gum

They tease us with movies
With music and art
And try to convince
The whole world that it's not
Just a mummer's sweet farce
With an ending that leaves us undone

So, let's all run away to Montana
To wildlife that lingers nearby
Please keep up your guard
The living is hard
'mongst these beasts

Let's all run away to Montana
Where seasons will pass like they should
Where winter is snowy
And summers are showy
With birds in the bushes and trees

My heart's run away to Montana
It's lonesome for natural things
Like forests and water
Like smiles and laughter
And the genuine need for flannel.


Opinions, opinions, opinions
Become a meaningless sea of confusion
The roar of the waves as they break on the shore
They never stop pounding; they're coming full-bore
There will always be more; there will always be more.

And this one is right
And this one is wrong
And that one has never stopped fighting for long
The gasps between arguments
Are filling the firmament
With opinions, opinions, opinions

I swore them all off in my innocent youth
Declaring my findings, like some sort of sleuth
(And firmly believing my version of truth)
That we're simply destined to never agree
I'll flee from your lies, then, and count myself free
From opinions, opinions, opinions

Cacophony seems like the best sort of word
Describing the dialogue that seems so absurd
A fact and a check and a call for sweet reason;
They don't seem to reach us through all the confusion
Of opinions, opinions, opinions.

someday I'll be a real artist (kind of like a cow)

Why do words seem, off and on, like vapor
Significant and substantial
but suddenly dismantled
Dispelled in a breath of wind.

Your breath is dispelling my substance
Insisting that it become sustenance
When all I was hoping
Was not to start choking
On the bile of this history lesson

Everything old is new again
Digested some and regurgitated
Our stomachs are singular
So in the vernacular
Our ruminations spill over the floor.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Central Park

For about the last week or so, I've been forgoing my normal cross-town bus commute (almost two miles) and have instead been walking across Central Park. Traveling via foot does take a bit more time, but it's certainly more predictable than rush-hour bus service.

And then I also get views like this:

And this:

Which really aren't too bad.
Dogs romping around (lots of dogs romping around, actually), the wetness of a new morning still lingering in the air... and it has been so very warm the last few days that I didn't even wear my jacket or my cardigan this morning on my walk. (Which I often refer to, in my own mind, as a "morning constitutional," which always makes me giggle. Or titter. "Titter" is much a better word to use when discussing morning constitutionals, I think.)

I've been gleefully ignoring some of the concrete paths and have instead opted to take "straighter" courses through some sections of the park, which often allows me to clamber over the shallow boulders I find in my way. (Parkour!) It's quite satisfying, though I am starting to wonder how very starved I must be for nature (or recess?) that I get a thrill out of jumping off of small rocks.

It's been interesting to see the park fill up as the days have gotten more temperate. Lawns that have been empty since... well, since I started work in November, really, have suddenly started crawling with lawn-loungers, families, and dogs/dog-owners. It's almost like this park is in the middle of New York city or something.
I expect to see the hordes taper off again as the weather gets cooler over the next couple days. At the moment, though, I'm quite enjoying seeing the park all filled with life.
...okay, with one exception: I must say that I don't appreciate the moms/nannies and their strollers that take up 3/5 of the very wide sidewalk, with the inevitable toddler tagging along who wanders around haphazardly in the rest of the 2/5 of space so that you can never ever EVER get around their large familial group.
I mean, it takes at least 30 seconds to finally break through the stroller-barrier. Who has that kind of patience?

Friday, March 8, 2013

daring to smile (sometimes)

I'm here and you're here
Let's have a fling, dear
Well start a new thing, dear,
And giggle for years

My hand and your hand
Are waving like mad, dear
so let's take a stand, dear
and let go of our fears

Perhaps some sad tears, dear, will follow
they do, don't you know, in our sorrow

But smiles like cracks
like rays, to relax
the harsh sadness of life
let's throw off the strife
and giggle our sternness away

I'm here and you're here
Let's try and sing, dear
We'll start a new thing, dear,
and patch these cracked notes

My hand and your hand
Are now here to stay, dear
Let's start a new day, dear
and cover our eyes

Will wish just as hard, dear, as ever we could
And dare to believe what we probably should

The smiles, through cracks
Become rays to relax
The harsh sadness of life
Let's throw off these stripes
and giggle our worries away