Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sugar and spice make everything nice

It is thoroughly fall these days. The temperature is dropping, and staying down, thank goodness. I'm giddy about the cold this year. I'm sure I'll be complaining in January, but I'm practically reveling in it right now. I've strewn vests around the living room, pulled hefty coats out of rubbermaid bins, and I wore - wait for it - a thermal shirt AND a sweater AND boots today. Bam! If that doesn't scream "fall," I don't know what does. I'm throwing scarves around my neck like it ain't nuthin. I'm keeping my hands in my pockets and using lotion like a fiend because sheesh it's dry and windy out there. We even closed our perpetually-open living room window because it was a gettin' a little too chilly in the apartment. It's serious, I'm tellin ya.

I can practically smell the smells of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I smile when I wander through Whole Foods, imagining and eagerly anticipating the wreaths and scented pine cones that will overtake the space and senses of the thousands of shoppers who will materialize during the holidays. I'm just waiting for the days to get darker so that lights will start popping up on trees. I'm happily downing pumpkin ale and am utterly excited by the prospect of drinking mulled wine on a regular basis.

Really, it's like I'm basking in brown.

(and winter is coming!)

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