Sunday, May 12, 2013


Opinions, opinions, opinions
Become a meaningless sea of confusion
The roar of the waves as they break on the shore
They never stop pounding; they're coming full-bore
There will always be more; there will always be more.

And this one is right
And this one is wrong
And that one has never stopped fighting for long
The gasps between arguments
Are filling the firmament
With opinions, opinions, opinions

I swore them all off in my innocent youth
Declaring my findings, like some sort of sleuth
(And firmly believing my version of truth)
That we're simply destined to never agree
I'll flee from your lies, then, and count myself free
From opinions, opinions, opinions

Cacophony seems like the best sort of word
Describing the dialogue that seems so absurd
A fact and a check and a call for sweet reason;
They don't seem to reach us through all the confusion
Of opinions, opinions, opinions.

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