Sunday, May 12, 2013


Let's all run away to Montana
There are plenty of places to hide
In the valleys and mountains
And geysers, their fountains
Of steam

Let's all run away to Montana
I know that there's plenty of space
A quick relocation
To apply isolation
To one's self, one's thoughts, one's dreams

They call this a jungle
Of concrete and brick
The reasons are many
That some just don't stick
To the cement that it's made of
Like so many pieces of gum

They tease us with movies
With music and art
And try to convince
The whole world that it's not
Just a mummer's sweet farce
With an ending that leaves us undone

So, let's all run away to Montana
To wildlife that lingers nearby
Please keep up your guard
The living is hard
'mongst these beasts

Let's all run away to Montana
Where seasons will pass like they should
Where winter is snowy
And summers are showy
With birds in the bushes and trees

My heart's run away to Montana
It's lonesome for natural things
Like forests and water
Like smiles and laughter
And the genuine need for flannel.

1 comment:

  1. a poem that mostly exists to make fun of Brooklyn.