Thursday, May 30, 2013


now I'm just waiting
to fly quickly out of here
for a brief escape,
a breath of fresh experience

now I'm just waiting
on the tips of my toes;
my ear is bent
towards the sound of the sirens
singing me to my freedom
in the deep blue sea

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Let's all run away to Montana
There are plenty of places to hide
In the valleys and mountains
And geysers, their fountains
Of steam

Let's all run away to Montana
I know that there's plenty of space
A quick relocation
To apply isolation
To one's self, one's thoughts, one's dreams

They call this a jungle
Of concrete and brick
The reasons are many
That some just don't stick
To the cement that it's made of
Like so many pieces of gum

They tease us with movies
With music and art
And try to convince
The whole world that it's not
Just a mummer's sweet farce
With an ending that leaves us undone

So, let's all run away to Montana
To wildlife that lingers nearby
Please keep up your guard
The living is hard
'mongst these beasts

Let's all run away to Montana
Where seasons will pass like they should
Where winter is snowy
And summers are showy
With birds in the bushes and trees

My heart's run away to Montana
It's lonesome for natural things
Like forests and water
Like smiles and laughter
And the genuine need for flannel.


Opinions, opinions, opinions
Become a meaningless sea of confusion
The roar of the waves as they break on the shore
They never stop pounding; they're coming full-bore
There will always be more; there will always be more.

And this one is right
And this one is wrong
And that one has never stopped fighting for long
The gasps between arguments
Are filling the firmament
With opinions, opinions, opinions

I swore them all off in my innocent youth
Declaring my findings, like some sort of sleuth
(And firmly believing my version of truth)
That we're simply destined to never agree
I'll flee from your lies, then, and count myself free
From opinions, opinions, opinions

Cacophony seems like the best sort of word
Describing the dialogue that seems so absurd
A fact and a check and a call for sweet reason;
They don't seem to reach us through all the confusion
Of opinions, opinions, opinions.

someday I'll be a real artist (kind of like a cow)

Why do words seem, off and on, like vapor
Significant and substantial
but suddenly dismantled
Dispelled in a breath of wind.

Your breath is dispelling my substance
Insisting that it become sustenance
When all I was hoping
Was not to start choking
On the bile of this history lesson

Everything old is new again
Digested some and regurgitated
Our stomachs are singular
So in the vernacular
Our ruminations spill over the floor.