Monday, January 9, 2012

Decisions, decisions

Sometimes decisions are hard. Like the decision to drop all but two classes in your final semester.
Sometimes decisions are easy. Like the decision not to get a second BA.
Sometimes decisions are complicated. Like when example A coincides with example B and then you feel like you might disappoint some professors and maybe some parents. Or professors who are somewhat parental.
Sometimes decisions are obvious. Like the decision to move to New York.
Sometimes decisions are embarrassing. Like the decision to tell people why I'm moving to New York.
Sometimes decisions should not be ignored. Like the decision of whether or not I should go sing jazz.
Sometimes decisions are exciting. Like the decision to spend over 20 hours a week working on jazz.
Sometime decisions are gut-wrenching. Like the decision to not move back to Seattle.
Sometimes decisions are comforting. Like the decision to make a warm, fuzzy scarf.
Sometimes decisions are oddly important and informative. Like the decision to tell your boss why you're changing your course load.
Sometimes decisions are unexpected. Like when you wanted to order the duck, but the server says they're out of duck. NOW what will you do?

Life is so full of deciding. It can be a bit overwhelming. Maybe that's why I like naps so much.

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  1. Love your writing! This was fun to read. And I am just now hearing about the possible move to New York!