Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thoughts on Ferguson (from 2014)

Seeing two sides
Is a complicated thing
It takes a lack of pride,
And a heart for understanding
Life isn't very simple
And I loathe the broad assumptions that we make

An instance of the "they"
And what I think you think was said
Categorical dismissal
Of the value of your head
And all the thoughts you have inside it
"how can you people think that way."

Thank God, there is beauty
And silliness, and laughter
I'd crumble into nothing
Without its humble candor.
A bit of self-reflection brings
The truth to light, when we allow it sway.

Seeing more than one side
Is a complicated thing
It takes a lack of pride
And a heart for understanding.
Life isn't very simple
But we all deserve a chance to have a say.

It irks, and it irks, and it irks me, these sweeping statements that we make.
"get out of my country"
"it's a problem of respect in the black community"
"america is evil"
Like we aren't individuals with value.
Like my ideas don't matter, and only yours do.
Like we shouldn't live in harmony.
Like we shouldn't make the effort.
even. make. the effort.
Do we realize this is what our words are saying?
I don't think so. At least, I hope we don't.
Hope is hardly enough.
But hope is all I have in me, at the moment.

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