Thursday, December 4, 2014


We are so quick
To hold up our heroes
When they only and always fail us
No one is perfect
It's quite the consensus
We've all agreed to ignore
That life is more holy than war.

Everyone's human
But we celebrate
Their honesty, passion, and sympathy
Ignoring their guts when they quickly
have to make snap decisions.
We should all be disgusted
By what is so twisted-
It resides in my heart, and yours.
We try to distract ourselves
By telling lies to ourselves
Ignoring what's under the floorboards.

A life lost is not a life gained
Our humanity is what, up for grabs?
Just because, and because, we proclaim our excuse
And defend what should never be had.

Anger embalms us
A society
In misery
moaning beneath our mummified mouths
Preserved for forever
No changes in weather
Will move the sad veins that run deep in our skin
Our shame and our sorrow
Will last through tomorrow
And we'll turn our backs
As ever, and always, before.

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