Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Rhyming and not quite rhyming. I call it stylistic. Or something.

So you want my innermost heart
People have wanted but they haven't got
For years, I've heard, it's happened

So you want my deepest thought
Professors have begged, but my papers are rot
For years, it just hasn't happened

The way I feel by the sides of the Rivers and Sounds
They don't stir up words
So how can I say
Something to touch the profound
Ripples and flowings
The comings and goings
Of light on the banks and docks
It just doesn't translate, the thoughts
Flicker, and they come and they go as they please

So you want my sincerest love
Something that signals, a light from above
An occurrence that will never happen

So you want my staunchest beliefs
Sadly, they're weaker, and riddled with grief
They know that nothing will happen

The way that I feel when I hold my love's sweet hand
Why must I speak
There is no relief
In tellings that fade in the sand
Simplest pleasures
Are best enjoyed
When words don't express
The who and the what of the moment
For nothing can capture a feeling-
Not even words

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